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Welcome to Caroline's lactation and myofunctional practice in Hopewell, NJ

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About me

I am Caroline de Ville, IBCLC, Belgian Doctor and mom of 4 beautiful children ...  and looking forward to meet you.

Struggling to breastfeed? You're not alone!  I believe every mom has the power to nourish their baby naturally.

As a Lactation Consultant & Myofascial Therapist, I help identify & overcome feeding challenges with personalized plans & education. Let's empower your breastfeeding journey together!

Nursing Newborn



Family Feedback

I remember exactly when I first “met” Caroline. I was a new mom with a 9 month old and totally exhausted. My concerns at this time for my baby were that he wasn’t sleeping, no gaining weight, crying a lot…I was scrolling on my phone to find videos and tips about breastfeeding. I found this video with Caroline explaining that breastfeeding doesn’t make you feel tired. I reached out to her and started my first consultation. It was 7 years ago. I now call her my Guardian Angel because no matter the miles between us she always helped me when I was struggling or when I had doubts. She helped me with my 2 breastfeeding adventures (mastitis, plugged duct…) and she is the only one who told me about tongue and lip ties (even though I had few visits with breastfeeding consultant). More recently, I reached out to her for other symptoms and she told me to bring my youngest to an ENT because she had a big concern about sleep apnea. Again, she was right, he actually had a severe sleep apnea. Caroline is very professional, very well trained and passionate. I share her contact info with my friends who are pregnant because I know she is simply the best!


I am 69 years old and, thanks to Caroline, I realized that I had a restrictive tongue tie. Suffering from a lot of osteoarthritis, I would often wake up with pain at night. I was often exhausted. This also put Caroline on the trail of sleep apnea.


I very much appreciated the fact that I was listened to and that Caroline followed me in my feelings and difficulties, without judgment and with a lot of kindness. She offers a truly personalized follow-up adapted to the person she meets.



Without her help, support and encouragement, I don't know if I would have ever been able to breastfeed my child and I will be eternally grateful to her.


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